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The Central Library has the following standards Information Resources

ASTM Standards (Only for IIT Users) View License Agreement before downloading

ASTM Journals ( Only for IIT Users)

ASTM Standards 2002
(Print Version are available in Reference Reading Hall on Level V)

Please see the list upto 4-10-2002

Indian Standards (For IIT Users Only)
(full text CDROM Database available for search through the Library for IIT users under Intranet)

ISO Standards on Civil Engineering
w.e.f from 26-4-2005 (For IIT Users Only)

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)Complete Standards Under INDEST w.e.f 1-3-09

 Please note all copyright restrictions are applicable in the usage of standards. Please report the problem if any to the Librarian ( )

Other Standards Databases and Organization

Standards FAQ
Books Supply Bureau, New Delhi
National Information Standards Organisation
European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI),
American National Standards Institute
Telecom Standards
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
ASME Codes and Guides
Communications Standards Review
World Standards Information Network
National Institute of Standards and Technology
IEEE Standards